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As you may (or may not) know, Perfect Soccer started out as a website dedicated only to helping players, parents and youth coaches learn all about the intricacies of the college soccer recruiting process. 

Since then we've grown in to providing so much more than just that. Which is why we've created this resources page to get you only the information that interests you most when it comes to you or your players complete soccer development... 

So click one or ALL of the soccer topics below that you would like to learn more about. And get to practicing!  :) 
Connect With The Pros

Soccer training and soccer mentorship with current and active UNSMT, EPL and MLS pros. Parents, players and coaches who were serious about their soccer development and taking their game to the next level were looking for a program they could trust that would get them results. 

That's why we created our "Be PRO by Perfect Soccer" Division. This is for those of you who are serious about getting to a college and eventually professional level.

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Exactly how to become the best soccer player on your team every game. We wrote this book to answer every question you'd have about becoming the complete soccer player :)

College Recruitment

Is it possible to get recruited to any college soccer program of your choice? (Even if you, or your child isn't the best player on their club or high school team)... The short answer is, YES. Click button below to learn exactly how.

Soccer Training Equipment

Get some of the highest quality soccer training equipment on the market. Each product comes with our LIFETIME Registered Warranty!


We started our dedicated soccer YouTube channel to help you in building every aspect of your soccer confidence. From our In Depth/w Ross series, to our #ASKASOCCERPRO Show. We're giving you the most honest, actionable information you'll need to reach your specific soccer goals. Subscribe now and don't miss our latest post!

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