How To Claim Your Perfect Soccer TEAM Membership 
And Get All Of Our Books, Resources And Digital Downloads FREE!
Hey Quincy and the Perfect Soccer Team here! 

Like I've mentioned, we charge $97 for digital access to our books, resources and to become a Perfect Soccer Team Member (PSTM).

But I didn't want price to be a reason why you couldn't get access to information that can be the difference between reaching your soccer dreams, and not.

So, to create a path for those of you who might not otherwise be able to pay the $97 for access...

I've created a few simple things for you to do and I'll cover the $97 fee for you and give you access to all our books (and all our other tools and resources) FREE!

Sound like a deal?
It's pretty simple. 

The reason I even wrote these books and created these tools was to help avoid the mistakes players were making (myslef included) that tend to be the reasons why they never make it up the ranks of soccer, or just improve their game in general. 

With over 13 years playing professionally in MLS and USL (and counting) I've seen a lot, and have written down everything that my colleagues and I feel hold most players back.

And answer all the questions you want answered. 

(Even posing the questions you don't even know you should be asking!)

The reason I no longer make the books and the TEAM Members Area available for download to everyone without first paying $97 OR having you put in some effort or time... 

Is because I put a lot of my time, energy, effort and money (more money than I want to think about lol) into putting this all together.

Building these sites, writing our articles, shooting and editing our videos, recording podcasts, creating graphics, covering payroll, many late nights, tough and critial conversations and feedback received, answering your questions and more...

If you're not willing to pay for access to our valuable insights and experiences or at least first do a few tasks for us to waive your $97 fee to get access to our books and become a Perfect Soccer Team Member for free... I understand.

I built this platform for those of you who refuse to make excuses for doing what it takes to reach your goals.

So to get your free access to download all of our books and the full Perfect Soccer Team Members Area, I ask that you follow the 3 steps below:

Step 1.

Watch This Video:

Step 2.

Send Me An Email:

After you've watched the entire video, shoot me an email letting me know what you learned from the video and what you plan to apply to your game or in life moving forward.

Email me at:

Step 3.

That's It!

Once I receive your email, I'll shoot you a private link so you can create your Perfect Soccer Team Membership account and get access to all our books, tools and resources so you can start reading and improving your game, confidence and mentality ASAP!

Like I've said and you'll learn.

I love to reward those who are willing to do the work others aren't willing to do. 

That's the mindset and type of character you need to build if you want to achieve your goals on and off the field.

If you'd rather just pay $97 instead of following the 3 steps I've laid out here, you can click here to do so now.

No one can stop you, but yourself!

Hear from you soon :)


Again, email me at:

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