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Quincy Amarikwa w/ SneakyFox FC | 3rd Place In Inaugural 2023 The Soccer Tournament

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Kristen Amarikwa (Captain SJSU Women's Soccer Team)

"Because of these training techniques and methodologies, I have been able to play and understand soccer at a level my competition simply can't keep up with. The Perfect Soccer Player Blueprint is my go to guide to keep me on track to achieve my soccer goals, and is a HUGE reason why I have earned a Full Ride Soccer Scholarship to the college of my dreams. I couldn't recommend this book or anything else these guys come out with more highly!" -Kristen Amarikwa (Captain SJSU Women's Soccer Team) 
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  • ​The 2 types of Quickness and why knowing the difference between the two could be the difference between developing to the next level, and failing before you even get started.         - pg. 68
  • ​How to increase your agility which can help you overcome playing against bigger faster and stronger players. - pg. 73
  • ​What type of fitness you NEED to be doing. Most players greatly overlook this part of their game, or worse, are doing things that are actually preventing them from getting fit and avoiding injuries. - pg. 77
  • ​Recovery! What it takes, how best to go about it, and why it is one of the single largest mistakes young players are making in their soccer development.  - pg. 81
  • ​What it takes to overcome injuries and come back stronger than ever. - pg. 86
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  • ​After reading and going through our book you're going to GROW both on and off the soccer field. Which means you'll face new challenges and have new questions. To help facilitate that growth we've created a private FB group where you can go to get answers to your questions directly from our network of current and former pro players :)  - pg. 92 
  • We're also including additional soccer resources and bonus content to give you all the tools you'll need to reach your specific soccer goals - pg. 94
  • Show you how to get recruitment and scholarship offers from the college soccer program of your choice (How to build your soccer resume as well as how to properly reach out to and speak to coaches. AND give you free access to our full college soccer coaches contact database. Emails, phone numbers, contact info etc.) - pg. 98
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