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Getting soccer recruitment offers isn't something that "will just happen on it's own." It's simply a process that you can LEARN. And once you learn this process, you can virtually decide which college soccer program you want to receive an offer from. We'll show you how, and by taking our quiz we'll reveal...

  • Unknown Technique for Guaranteeing Recruitment Offers - EVEN IF you're child or youth players aren't the best soccer players on their club, high school or youth soccer teams. Learn this, and it won't matter, they'll still get recruited.
  • Increase Recruitment Exposure​- "Done for you" online recruitment services don't work. You end up paying to create a profile they claim college coaches look at, but in reality that's not where college coaches go find players.
  • Get College Soccer Coaches Contacting You! - This all comes down to a very underutilized strategy that parents and youth coaches don't realize just plain works.. We should know, we used this method to receive over 30+ recruitment offers.
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"I received a full ride soccer scholarship all thanks to the methods laid out by these guys.."

If it wasn't for using the simple step by step method laid out in the Ultimate College Soccer Recruiting book, I wouldn't have received a full ride scholarship to San Jose Sate University. I couldn't be more happy with my results! - Kristen

"I really had no idea how to get recruited to play soccer"

... I thought playing in College Showcases was the only way to get recruited to play college soccer. My club doesn’t have a lot of money, so we don’t play in them. I figured that meant that I would not get recruited. I was lost. I started taking try-outs for Mexican clubs. Then I found the Perfect Soccer Recruit Blueprint. Now I have a plan to get recruited, and coaches are already starting to show interest! Thank you Quincy & Ross! – Gus
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"Since building a relationship with Quincy and Perfect Soccer, I have enjoyed working with someone who has the same goals in mind, being part of the process in developing the soccer player and more importantly the human being." - Chris Malenab -
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